Don’t Forget to Lubricate Your Locks!

Many people are unaware that locks should be lubricated! In Arizona, especially with the Monsoons and dust storms it is important to lubricate your locks, you can use a liquid spray can with Teflon or silicone.

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What Are Interchangeable Cores?

Interchangeable Cores – The cylinder looks like a figure 8 instead of an O.  This system has all the advantages of  a Master key system with the added feature of being able to change the core in five seconds.

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Key-Making Simplified

Below are some of the types of key-making that Red Rock Lock offers:

Keys by Code – Example: a key for a vehicle or a file cabinet can be cut from a code for that vehicle or file cabinet.

Key Making – We can duplicate a key in one’s possession or cut a new key by code or fit a key to an existing lock.

Master Keying – This is a way of controlling who may have access to rooms or areas in an occupancy. An office may have an operating key which opens just that office or a group of offices. The office may also have a section master which opens several groups of offices, a Master which opens the whole floor and a Grand Master to open the whole building or complex.

Re-Key Cylinders – This is changing the pins in existing locks to accept new keys and reject old keys. I offer the first two new keys free, along with a free key ring.

Remote Keyless Entry Door Unlock – I can program the remote transmitter to unlock all the doors on your vehicle. If the remote is factory installed, I can program an extra remote or erase the old remotes and program in new ones.

Transponder Keys and GM V.A.T.S. Keys – These are vehicle keys for late model cars which have to be programmed into the vehicle’s computer or the vehicle will not start. All new vehicles except for some trucks have these keys sometimes referred to as “chip keys”. These keys usually have a thick plastic or rubber head or bow.

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As Featured in the Fountain Hills Times …

“Red Rock Lock Features Latest Locksmith Technologies” Cars, homes, businesses, garages… if you find yourself locked out or need new locks or keys, the man to call is Jimmy Conmy of Red Rock Lock. A veteran of 22 years in the locksmithing profession, Jim keeps up with the latest developments, including the new auto keys which have embedded chips. He is a specialist in re-keying entire cylinders, master keying, making new keys for existing locks, interchangeable cores, duplication, making keys from code, installation and repair of lock hardware. He can also program the remote transmitter to unlock your car doors once he has made a replacement key. And he is up-to-date for making keys for late-model cars which have to be programmed into the vehicle’s computer. Jim is licensed, bonded and provides fast mobile service. He is available six days a week and for emergencies. (480) 837-3456.”

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Our Customers Include …

…  the Fountain Hills Police Department, the city of Fountain Hills, and several prominent businesses in town, including Kelley’s Automotive Repair and CSI Printing Of course, the vast majority of our customers are individuals and families in Fountain Hills, Rio Verde and Scottsdale. We look forward to serving you for your lock and key needs!

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